Charlie has a true passion for treating babies, she spent over a year working alongside midwives and one of the leading chiropractic paediatric specialists. During this time she was able to witness the true beauty of her profession. She got to see parents who were over the moon that their baby was now sleeping for longer, was breast feeding easier and seemed to be in less pain.

Parents and guardians of babies and infants often fear chiropractic for their children. This is based on the belief that the same force will be used on the baby as is needed for an adult. This is not the case. Treating babies and infants involves very gentle techniques, (enough pressure to blanch a finger nail). Charlie has attended postgraduate paediatric courses learning gentle cranial and spinal paediatric techniques.

For babies, we do our best to allow your baby to feel relaxed and at ease during the treatment. It is common for your baby to enjoy treatment, giving sighs of relief as well smiles or giggles during the care.


For children, time is taken to explain chiropractic treatment in a child friendly, fun way. Their understanding and acceptance of treatment is paramount.

Parents are encouraged to bring children to any treatment session and new mums can also bring their babies. Breast or bottle feeding during is welcomed during chiropractic treatment of a baby. Chiropractic care can be for the whole family!


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