why is charlie a chiropractor



Most people ask me why I became a chiropractor? In short, it is because it changed the direction of my life. If you see me in clinic, just ask. I will happily explain the story.


I have a keen interest in paedatrics and spent over a year working alongside midwives and one of the leading chiropractic paedatric specialists. During this time I was able to witness the true beauty of my profession. I got to see parents who were over the moon that their baby was now sleeping for longer, was breast feeding easier and seemed to be in less pain.


Not to long ago, I rescued a beautiful ex race horse from slaughter, he was only five. My love for animals and my knowledge for chiropractic lead me to study veterinary chiropractic too. The results from animals (horses, dogs, cats ect...) just further proves to me how incredible this profession is for everyone. 


My life is always being enriched by the people I meet and the interactions I have, which is why I love my job. Honestly there is nothing like the feeling you get as you get a person closer to their goals, even if that is just to be pain free. So, believe me, when you come visit me it will be all about your goals and achieving them. Which might be as simple as getting out of pain, but it could be to run a marathon.